The Network

The "Family" goal is to corner and control the Southeasten Smoked BBQ market, by providing the highest quality, best tasting BBQ, never before available to the general public. We will start off under the direction of the "Don" targeting the Northeastern Georgia area with a immediate goal of controlling the entire state, along with an interim goal of North and South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee and Florida before going Nationwide and taking over or knocking the other big three BBQ families out of the market.

The Family

Be careful with what you ask for...

The Don

$10K / day
10, 0000 Points
65 Team Members
Style “Master of All”

The Hig-Dawg

$7.6K / day
7,513 Points
39 Team Members
Style  “Extremely Hot” / Mild

The SE Capo

$5K / day
5,015 Points
23 Team Members
Style  Mild / Sweet

The John BQ

$5K / day
5,010 Points
24 Team Members
Style Hot / Mild

The NE Capo

$5.5K / day
6,376 Points
33 Team Members
Style Hot / Mild

The NE Boss

$5.5K /day
2,839 Points
27 Team Members
Style Hot / Mild


$3K /day
2,723 Points
13 Team Members
Style Traditional/Mild

The ZQ

$2K /day
1000 Points
10 Team Member
Style TBD
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Current Locations

The Don’s view on Q

Q is a controversial subject that has been the topic of fierce debate since the discovery of fire by mankind and his first offerings to the Almighty with a rising smoke and sweet savour that was pleasing to Him. The entire Hawg Father Family with inside information that has been passed down thru the generations, has the winning view on Q. One bite and you will know that we are right. The proof to our claims is in the demand of our product which has always outstripped the supply we are able to bring to market. Currently, only eight HawgFathers have been appointed worldwide as this dangerous knowledge of mixing our proprietary "MAX Q" rub is only trusted to a select few. As we expand our organization we hope to bring you a taste of the fine Q mastered only by The Hawg Fathers.

The Rub

We use both, a traditional dry rub and a proprietary all natural aphrodisiacal phyto-philtred combination of 21 herbs and spices. We call it the "MAX Q" butt rub, patent pending. We won't go into ingredients or methods or make claims about regional styles or even the meaning of BBQ itself. Anyone that has deep emotional feelings and opinions about BBQ knows what we are talking about and the bottom line is whether or not you satisfy the ones around you with the ultimate goal of hearing the ever so sweet words, "Man...Thats the best damn BBQ I have ever tasted." That is our mission, along with after you have had your fill at our table, to request some to take home with you. At our table the second part of our mission is difficult to fulfill, as our BBQ is hit hard and folks come back for seconds, thirds and sometimes fourths. Often we are left without any Q after smoking enough to feed three times as many as were invited. Give us a call and give our Q a try. We are confident you will be pleased, and we mean that.

Our 110% Guarantee

Opinions are great and thank God all are not the same, they are part of what makes life great. However, everone may not like their BBQ the way we do ours, and thats just fine. This is the way we do it, period. If you do not agree that our Q titilated your taste buds with a desire for another bite, we will refund your money along with an additional 10 percent for your trouble and then we will post your picture in our "real-time digital face recognition surveillance database for the next time we catch you in our establishment trying to buy some more. We look forward to serving you any your family.

Pricing Information

Currently, we only offer private catering, where we have earned an excellent reputation as premier BBQ smokers providing the best quality and freshest food available. Traditional Slow and Low BBQ is our specialty, where we provide only the Q, however we also offer complete catering services for groups of any size, classic sit down dining, company lunches, party trays and Buffets. We will cater complete BBQ parties for as few as 10 and as many as 250.

We design the menu to your request from the standard to the exotic and perform all smoking on your site in one of our smokers using only the freshest ingredients and USDA Choice meats. You will find our prices to be more than our compeditors however our quality and service is impeccable, and as always, spotless cleanup. We supply all eating utensils (best quality paper & plastic), while fine china and glassware are also available.

Always more than you expect, Guaranteed! We serve until everyone has had thier fill.

So how do you hire TheHawgFather? Simple. You yourself will be our reference. The HawgFathers will only cater to someone we know or who has been an invited guest at one of our previous smokings and knows first hand of our quality and superb taste. If you are reading this, either you or someone you know is very close to one of the HawgFathers. Give us a call and discuss how you can get invited to our next event make your future party a fun and memorable event.

One final note...

"A man who doesn't BBQ with his family can never be a real man. So don't get upset and freak out when your wife tells you that she is going to call the HawgFather."   The Don to Johnny Fontane

"She was beautiful! She was young. She was innocent. She was the greatest piece of pork I ever smoked, and I've had'em all over the world!"   The Higdawg toTom Hagen

"If you had come to me in friendship, then this scum of a smoker that ruined your butt would be suffering this very day."   The Pitmaster to Fredo

"You sonofa%&#@!, do you know who I am? I'm JD Smokehouse! I made my BBQ when you were going out with cheerleaders."  Moe Greene to John Boy
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