HawgFather Certified Associates that meet our High Standards
1st BBQ Calvery Westford
Home of “H Troop”
GenaGrill Jenkins
”Think about trees”
Wort Hogs Beer Bathed Pulled Pork
”When only the finest will do”
Cj’s Backwoods Bar and Grill
”Straight down the dirt road and cross the hay field”
Bill’s Laundromat Bar and Grill
”BBQ, Poker and Clean Clothes”
Claud and Robins Tropical BBQ
”We never rubbed a Butt we did’nt like!”
00Q License to Grill
”Heeey... Boy!”
Reekmond’s Island
O’Neal’s Cajun Boiled BBQ Peanuts
Hot Hawgs BBQ
Tripple “H” Que
Big Joe Turner’s Mission Temple BBQ Stand
Steve, Jaryd and Greg's General Contracting, Home Renovations, Patio Decks
and Slow and Low BBQ.  Home of Gimme that damn "Hammer” 

Applications to become an Associate

Coming Soon...."Nelsons Dawg House"   Electrical Contracting Services and Southern BBQ (KN)

Coming Soon...."The White House Bar and Grill”   Slow and Low Blues Booze and Real Pit BBQ (KW)

Coming Soon...."Riverbend Steak House”   Black Angus Briskets and Beer - Texas Style BBQ (SM)

Coming Soon...."Wilkie's Wildlife Wellhouse”   Thinkin, Drinkin & Smokin - Georgia BBQ (KW)

Coming Soon...."Dyer's Fire House”   Custom Fences, Rum & Coke, Slow & Low Back Woods Bama BBQ (WD)

Coming Soon...."Conner's Lakeside Liquor Lounge”   Bikini's Beer and Kansas City Style BBQ (CM)

Coming Soon...."Fishers Brie'sway”   Shrimp & Grits, Boston Butts & Beer - Carolina Style BBQ (T&BF)

Interested in becoming an Associate?   JE? I don't think so, I was told he died in 2019. Not sure.

Here's how...

 First of all, if you are reading this, either you stumbled upon this page or you or someone you know is very close to one of the HawgFathers.  If the latter is the case, this message is intended for you.  If you are interested in becoming an associate, the easiest way is to ask one of the HawgFathers.  The rules are quite simple and most all reading this should be able to meet the qualifications with a little effort.

 1.  The idea here is BBQ.  Which by definition is not grilling.  Slow and Low with real wood in a pit will meet the requirements.  Either you already have a professional, store bought, or home made smoker.  If you don't have one, click here to learn how to make one

 2.  Smoke some ribs, brisket or pork butts and call over your friends to share and delight in your hard work.  Have at least one of your friends positively testify to one of the HawgFathers, or an existing HawgFathers Associate on this page or a Friend of the Hawgfathers, to you culinary prowess.

3.  Submit your testimony along with a unique name of your BBQ operation to the HawgFather.  You must also submit a logo (see above examples) or ask "The HawgFather" for help in designing a graphic, which he will do for free for the first 10 people to meet these requirements.  (Hurry only 2 left)

4.  Optional... Upload some pictures of your BBQ event to a file sharing service that can be hyperlinked to from this page.

 The goal here is to make new and restore old relationships thereby expanding the HawgFathers network.  In becoming a Friend and Associate of the HawgFather, you open the possibility of even becoming a "HawgFather" yourself.  It has nothing to do with your economic status or financial position and everything to do with sharing one of the most delightful culinary experiences known to exist with your friends and family.  Who knows?  There could even be a franchise down the road and if that comes to fruition, "The HawgFather" will remember his Friends and Assoicates.

No matter what anyone says....  DON”T EVER QUIT SMOKING!!!!

Hawgfathers Mobile App 

Coming Soon to Apple, Android and WIndows phones,  Get up to date specials, smoke times and even be able to view our live feeds of smoker temps and Hawgettes!